Governance reports and documents

This page contains the corporate governance documents


Articles of Association

The articles of association set out the company's corporate governance model and main rules for the functioning of the governing bodies.

Code of ethics

The code of ethics contains information and guidelines that – in addition to legal requirements and self-regulation obligations – guide the conduct of our staff.

Code Of Conduct

The code of conduct sets out, along with the code of ethics, the fundamental principles on which the Mediobanca banking group’s reputation is based and the values which underlie its everyday operations. further, it describes the standard of conduct required of all Mediobanca’s staff and collaborators.

Group Sustainability Policy

Annual corporate governance statement

The annual statement on corporate governance and ownership structure provides detailed information about our company, our corporate governance and ownership structure, our internal control and risk management systems, and all other relevant information.

Corporate administrative liability (Italian legislative decree 231)

We have adopted an organisation and management model that establishes rules of conduct and identifies control measures that must be adopted to prevent the risk of committing the offences set out in Italian legislative decree 231 of 2001. The model is based on the ethical principles contained in our code of ethics and the guidelines of the banking industry associations. We have also appointed a supervisory body, which is responsible for monitoring the functioning and actual implementation of the model.

Related parties

These Regulations provide the instructions with which Mediobanca must comply to ensure the transparency, proper conduct, objectivity and impartiality of transactions with related parties, executed directly or via subsidiaries.

Internal dealing

The code of conduct on internal dealing governs the conduct and disclosure obligations relating to transactions carried out, also via intermediaries, by “relevant persons” and by persons closely related to them, on Mediobanca shares and the financial instruments linked to them.

Anti-money laundering policy

We adopt suitable processes, instruments and controls to enable full compliance with the principles contained in our anti-money laundering policy, ensuring that checks are traceable and that our staff are adequately trained.

Other documents

Last update: 12/06/2020