Main shareholders

About 45,000 shareholders split between institutional and retail investors. 

Mediobanca’s shareholder structure is now 75% institutional investors and 25% retail investors. Some of the institutional investors, representing approx. 21% of the share capital, are parties to a Consultation agreement with no provision for commitments in terms of lock-up or voting rights over the shares syndicated to it.


Italian institutional investors (including the parties to the Consultation agreement) account for approximately one-third of the total, with 26% coming from the United States, 14% French investors (including the Bolloré group), and 12% UK investors.
Since 2003, the weight of the institutional investors has gradually increased, in tandem with the reshaping of the role of the historical Mediobanca Shareholders’ agreement. The recent signing of the new Consultation agreement, with no provision for commitments in terms of lock-up, has taken the free float for Mediobanca up to 100%.
As at 17.09.2019 the Mediobanca shareholders with stakes of more than 3% were as follows:


Shareholder No. of shares   % SHARE CAPITAL
Gruppo UniCredit (1) 78,141,556 8.81
Group Bolloré 69,681,608 7.85
Leonardo Del Vecchio (2) 61,577,870 6.94
Gruppo BlackRock (3) 44,171,756 4.98
Group Mediolanum 29,095,110 3.28

1) Of which approx. 0.41% through group company UniCredit Bank AG which also owns 0.57% in connection with put option sale contracts for hedging risks from market-making in financial instruments (investment certificates with yield indexed to a basket of stocks including Mediobanca shares - mod. 120B -10/7/2019).
2) Indirect partecipation.
3) BlackRock Inc. (NY) through fifteen asset management subsidiaries, 0.514% of which potential investment and 0.216% of which attributable to securities out on loan “Contracts of differences” (mod. 120B -29/10/2018).


The shares are registered and each share gives the right to one vote in general meetings. For the number of shares as per the most recent update of share capital, go to Corporate data.

Last update: 02/10/2019