The Mediobanca Group today

For seventy years we have been supporting companies and households with high-level advisory services and dedicated solutions, ranging from the simpler and more traditional products to the most sophisticated solutions available on financial markets. In the past ten years we have doubled our revenues by balancing our corporate and retail activities effectively.

The plan 2019-2023 sees further growth for the Group and higher returns for all its stakeholders, on the strength of our highly effective and distinctive business model, factors will enable us to outperform despite what is expected to be a challenging economic and regulatory scenario for the whole financial sector.

Our focus and distinctive positioning in highly specialized, highly profitable market segments where growth is driven by long-term trends, coupled with our strong capital resources and ongoing investment in talent, innovation and distribution, will allow the Group to deliver impressive performances in terms of growth in revenues, earnings and shareholder remuneration, to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, while preserving one of the best risk/return profiles in Europe.

Today Mediobanca is:

  • The leading Italian investment bank (advisory, lending and capital markets) with branches and offices in Frankfurt, London, Madrid, New York and Paris
  • One of the leading consumer credit operators in Italy through Compass Banca
  • A new Italian wealth management hub which combines CheBanca!’s asset management activities with private banking

Key financial highlights (data as at 30 June 2019):






Revenues: €2.5bn   Total assets: €78.2bn   S&P rating: BBB
GOP: €1,140m   Customer loans: €44bn   Fitch Rating: BBB
    Moody's Baa1
Net profit: €823m   Funding: €51bn   Payout: 50%
Cost/ income ratio: 46%   Lending/funding: 86%   Dividend per share: €0.47
Cost of risk 52pbs   TFA: €68bn   Market Capitalization: €7.9bn
ROTE: 10%   CETI B3: 14.1%   No. of staff: 4,805

1) Excluding gains (losses) on disposals of AFS shares, writedowns and non-recurring income


Last update: 13/11/2019