We strive every day to monitor our environmental impact and take targeted actions to protect the environment, as reflected by our Sustainability Policy.

To raise employee awareness, we run campaigns to help our people understand the importance of water, power and paper consumption, and to encourage more responsible use of these resources. The MB Green campaign has led to a number of important initiatives. These include the placement of recycling bins in Group buildings, a campaign to raise awareness on the proper use of power and paper, and the installation of water fountains to reduce the use of plasticAs proof of our commitment in this area, we have given all our staff a Mediobanca-branded aluminium water bottle to help reduce the use of plastic cups.

As part of the Group drive for awareness, we have also focused on paper consumption. Alongside reminding employees to avoid printing documents, the “Follow me” project has eliminated remote printing, helping to reduce paper consumption and, as a result, the amount of waste produced by offices.

The Group has moved to upgrade its buildings, installing green technologies at Mediobanca Innovation Services (MIS) and taking steps in some offices to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption, through faucet aerators, videoconferencing systems and other technologies.

The buildings occupied by the Bank’s London and Frankfurt offices have also received voluntary certifications, in accordance with the international protocols most widely-used in Europe (BREEAM and LEED). The buildings are assessed through overall analysis of all the different aspects of sustainability.

  • Buckingham Gate in London has received a BREEAM Excellent rating (Acceptable, Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Outstanding);
  • OpernTurm in Frankfurt has received a LEED Gold certification (Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

As a Group we are committed to a series of different projects of use to the community as a whole. These include:

  • Reforestation: this project, implemented by Che Banca! and Compass, in collaboration with the Rete Clima association, is intended to offset the impact caused by publication of the 109C and Incontro branch magazines respectively. The trees planted by staff members will neutralize the entire amount of CO2 emissions generated by the two publications over their whole life cycle. Similarly, MIS has launched a new initiative to donate obsolete mobile phones in return for trees being planted in Madagascar in order to tackle desertification. We have also decided to purchase 250 environmentally-friendly refurbished mobile phones, which are advantageous in both financial and environmental terms. For each device acquired, a tree is planted in Madagascar, saving 9 kg of CO2 in the process, all guaranteed by the requisite certification.
  • Fondo Ambiente Italiano: is one of the FAI 200 a group of generous patrons who, with their companies, support the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) in its mission to protect, care for and valorize the historical, artistic and environmental heritage of Italy.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

CMB is the Museum’s Official Partner and empathises fully with its missions. The Museum’s mission is to raise awareness of the seas and oceans and to contribute to their conservation.
The Museum focuses on sustainable development, respect for diversity and responsibility within the community, ,these are values that CMB shares to the full.

For further information please click here

CheBanca!: less plastic, more sensitive to the environment

In the area of environmental sustainability, which is one of the main drivers in the Mediobanca Group’s growth strategy, CheBanca! has launched a new project to remove all plastic from its headquarters in Milan. The aim of the initiative is to eliminate all large bottle dispensers and individual plastic bottles and disposable cups by installing mains-fed water dispensers, and providing all staff members with aluminium water bottles to fill from them.

See the project info-graphic here

RAM Active Investments supports the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Ram Active Investments (Ram Ai) supports the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (Tcfd) joinining a growing list of over 500 supporters.

Launched in 2015, the TCFD is an industry-led initiative established by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and chaired by Michael R Bloomberg. Its main mission is to develop voluntary, consistent climate-related corporate financial disclosures providing crucial information to lenders, insurers, investors and other stakeholders.

The announcement comes as part of RAM Active Investments’ commitment to promote responsible investment. As a UN PRI signatory & CDP (ex-Carbon Disclosure Project) member, RAM has always considered the ethical impact which underpins its investments. RAM take a holistic approach to sustainability at both the Firm and Strategy level, ensuring its values are in-line with those of its clients.

Mediobanca Innovation Services

The building that houses Mediobanca Innovation Services (MIS) was constructed using cutting-edge green technologies.

Greenhouse gas emissions have been significantly reduced thanks to the adoption of heating and air-conditioning systems with a high European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) and major surface insulation work.

For more information on Mediobanca Innovation Services, visit http://mis.mediobanca.com/index.html

Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI)

As a member of the “FAI 200” group of enterprises, Mediobanca supports and finances the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, the Italian Heritage Trust, in its work to protect and promote Italy’s historical, artistic and environmental heritage.

The “FAI 200” group unites leading businesses in support of key heritage objectives. By financing new restoration projects, enabling major work on newly acquired heritage assets and sponsoring cultural events and initiatives, the group promotes the protection and enjoyment of Italy’s cultural riches and natural beauty.

The FAI is a non-profit organisation established in 1975. In keeping with its mission, the FAI focuses on three key areas:

  • protecting cultural assets and areas of natural beauty;
  • raising awareness of the value of Italy’s landscape and historic monuments;
  • taking direct action to protect natural areas at risk.

Every year, the FAI organises six FAI Campaigns with the support of a wide network of volunteers all across the country. The events open the doors to historic villas and buildings, museums and historical archives, for the enjoyment of the public.

For more information on the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, visit https://www.fondoambiente.it/

CMB, first bank to cultivate its own garden in the Principality

Since August, the terraces of the Bank's headquarters located at Avenue de la Costa, have been converted into a magical organic vegetable garden. 

With squash, cabbage, broccoli being just some of the vegetables growing alongside herbs such as basil, sage, thyme, oregano to name a few. CMB has sown and planted with care, confident that the first harvest will give unique flavours to many dishes.

CMB has joined forces with the "Terre de Monaco" https://www.terredemonaco.com/ to organize a "green" space and thus participate in the Principality's commitment to preserving the environment for future generations. 



A gesture by Mediobanca to help protect the environment

We strongly believe in the importance of promoting the responsible use of resources, for the benefit of us all and for future generations, and that this starts with small, everyday gestures. Foto borracce

For this reason we have launched an internal initiative to reduce the use of plastic cups next to the fresh water distributors, by giving all staff an aluminium water bottle to use instead.

This will help us save over 1.25 tons of plastic per year, equivalent to some 3.12 tons of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.1
1 Conversion factor: 1ton of plastic = 2.5 tons of CO2.

Three trees planted for every smartphone donated

This project, launched by Mediobanca Innovation Services in conjunction with Connexing, involves obsolete mobile phones being donated in return for trees being planted, three for every device. For the country where the trees are to be planted, we decided on Madagascar, a country with a very high poverty rate where one tree donated can make a real difference helping to tackle desertification in vulnerable areas of our planet. Through this initiative, in return for the batch of mobile phones donated by MIS, a total of 1,250 trees will be planted, resulting in a total of 11,688 kg of CO2 being offset.
certificato riforestazione 1250 certificato riforestazione 250



Last update: 20/03/2020