At Mediobanca, we have undertaken a process to transform our business model by basing medium/long-term growth on the principles of responsible investment.

In fact, we are fully aware that, in the long-term, the variables that impact the evaluations of companies and institutions may not be limited to financial aspects, but must also include the environmental, social and good corporate governance sphere, in order to create value for the investor and for the company as a whole.
And it is on this basis that we have created our two ESG Funds - Mediobanca Social Impact and CheBanca! - and the ESG mandate of Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, which offer the possibility for customers to invest in companies that deliver socio-economic development in the local area.

Mediobanca Social Impact

The Mediobanca Social Impact Fund is a balanced global bond investment solution, ESG certified, with donation for philanthropic purposes. The distribution of recurring flows of revenues over time which allows investors to support the beneficiary on an ongoing basis at no additional cost, by investing in a financial product with a low level of risk and daily liquidity. Mediobanca SGR credits back two-thirds of its

Beneficiaries signed up to the fund (updated as at 1 January 2020)

Cometa Foundation
Fondazione FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environment Fund)
S. Ambrogio per la Cultura Cristiana (S. Ambrogio for Christian Culture) Foundation
Accademia Teatro alla Scala Foundation

Maria Letizia Verga Committee
Fondazione Humanitas per la ricerca (Humanitas Research Foundation)
Dino FerrariCentre
Anna Meyer Onlus Paedatric Hospital Foundation

San Patrignano Onlus Foundation
Banco Alimentare (Food Bank) Onlus Foundation
Floriani Foundation

Amref Health Africa Onlus Mission Bambini Onlus Foundation
AVSI Onlus-Ong  Foundation
Italian Committee for Unicef Onlus


Mediobanca: Green and Sustainable Bond Framework

Mediobanca Group is committed to adhering to the highest environmental and sustainable standards.

Our determination in pursuing ESG targets is also demonstrated by the application of the Green and Sustainable Bond Framework.


In light of the group’s commitment and growing customer sensitivity to ethical and sustainable financial products, CheBanca! places instruments that integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the portfolio selection and management.
58% of funds selected for consultancy are measured using a Morningstar sustainability rating, and 74% of these are evaluated with a higher or average rating.

CMB: ESG management mandate and MONACOECO+

In 2018, Compagnie Monégasque de Banque launched an ESG Management Mandate which makes provision for investment in companies and in countries that contribute to the development and the future of the country.
The Mandate is based on a selection of investment vehicles that meet given ESG commitments and values, according to “Best in Class” approach:

Environment Society Governance
Contribute to the protection of the planet for future generations, with special attention on:
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Prevention of environmental risks
  • Depletion of natural resources   
Participate in developing the economy, in particular through:
  • Financing to microfinance vehicles
  • Support for associations that contribute to the economy
  • Charity work


Promoting employee job fulfilment through:
  • Improvement in work conditions
  • Development of career path and training plans
  • Improvement in the quality of internal and external relations
  • Respect for equal opportunities


CMB also offers its customers the possibility of investing in Monaco Eco+, a green equity fund focussed on four areas: renewable energies, efficient use of resources, water, natural foods.

RAM AI – Technology for better, sustainable returns

At RAM AI, we believe that corporate responsibility should be part of everything we do, from investment management to the way we run our own business. As an institutional investor, our fiduciary role is always to act in the best interest of our beneficiaries and to help our clients harness the potential of markets to reach their respective goals. We believe that the proper attention to corporate governance, environmental and social matters is key to our long-term value creation, in line with our fundamental approach to investing.

  • RAM advocate sustainable corporate practies & proper corporate governance, which is essential for long-term shareholder value creaion
  • Engade with companies and exercise active shareholder stewardship
  • Expertise in helping investors offset carbon emissions by contributing to renewable energy projects in developing countries

RAM Stable Climate Global Equities Fund
As the Climate change emergency is growing, we believe our role as an asset manager is to provide our investors with a differentiated solution to Low-Carbon investing. In the RAM Stable Climate Global Equities Fund we aim to select best-in-class, Low-Carbon companies without compromising on alpha and long-term performance. While many managers take a simplistic approach to climate change within portfolios by reducing the weight of the worst polluters, our sustainable alpha approach aims to leverage a myriad of ESG and non-ESG data sources to identify the most attractive sustainable return opportunities in each industry.

Sustainable Goals:

  • A portfolio with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions multiple times lower than general indices.
  • Best-in-class across Environmental, Social, Governance matters.

Unceasing Research

  • Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Infrastructure is an optimal platform for integrating Climate and ESG-related objectives into our search for attractive stocks and returns.
  • Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) augment the capture of how carbon emission dynamics and ESG dynamics relate to more traditional financial data.
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